Home Technology Jetson One: eVTOL for “everyone” will be available for sale next year

Jetson One: eVTOL for “everyone” will be available for sale next year


Swedish society Jetson is currently tightening the final bolts of its “for all” eVTOL, the Jetson One. The machine with the look of a large drone will be marketed next year at a price of 79,000 euros, which is expensive in absolute terms but still remains significantly below the prices of the first machines of the same type (we are talking here about several hundred to several million euros).

The Jetson One can only accommodate its pilot (knowing that it should not exceed 95 kg on the scale) and unfortunately, the autonomy does not exceed 20 minutes (like drones again). The machine can reach the maximum altitude of 1500 meters and spin at 100 km/h at top speed. As for the piloting, it would not take more than 5 minutes to master the machine (which indeed looks extremely handy on the video presentation). Despite the still obvious technical constraints of this personal eVTOL, all the models already in production would have found takers. It remains to be seen how many orders were actually placed.

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