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Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan criticize the French position on Ukraine


Is the national unity sought by the government on the Ukrainian file only a mirage? According to the latest declarations of certain candidates for the presidential election, the French political class no longer speaks with one voice on the conflict. The leader of insubordinate France (LFI), Jean-Luc Mélenchon, opened the way by saying that he regretted this Tuesday, March 1 in the National Assembly, under boos, the decision of the European Union to supply weapons to Ukraine.

“Let us beware of improvised solutions (…) The means we use must never turn against us. Yet I regret that the European Union has decided to “provide necessary armaments” for a war, in the words of Commissioner Josep Borrell”, the head of European diplomacy, declared the rebellious leader. The LFI candidate was also worried about the decision to exclude Russia from the Swift financial transaction system, which again caused a stir in the hemicycle.

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“There must be a campaign”

A few moments earlier, Prime Minister Jean Castex had called the deputies into the hemicycle to “react in unity and over time”, setting out the principles that guide France’s action, starting with firmness, with the sanctions he listed. The Prime Minister also mentioned the “solidarity” vis-à-vis Ukraine with financial but also military aid – via deliveries of fuel and military equipment – ​​and humanitarian aid, intended for refugees.

This call for unity was swept away by Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, who denounces this Wednesday, March 2 a “certain instrumentalization of the Ukrainian drama” to eclipse the presidential campaign. The sovereignist candidate, who has just crossed the 500 sponsorship mark, claimed this morning on France 2 “a real election”. “Now, the challenge is that we have a campaign in France, there has to be a campaign”pleaded the president of Debout la France.

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“I will tell you what is happening and what saddens me is that there has been the fear of the Covid, lies, manipulations, attacks on freedoms in our country, and now there is a certain instrumentalization of the drama Ukrainian so that the French look away from the results of Emmanuel Macron, from the proposals of the candidates »he said. “If there is not a real election in 39 days, what will be the mandate of the future candidate and the future president? » he finally wondered.

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