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Italian banks promoted in sustainability, better than EU rivals


The Italian banks pass the sustainability exam of Standard Ethics (Se). This can be seen from the 2021 annual report, entitled “The Big Picture”, in which the rating agency explained that 61% of Italian credit institutions comply with EU, UN and OECD sustainability standards.

“The sector has a very advanced level of sustainability compliance” writes the agency that measures the level of sustainability of a company or a nation precisely through its alignment with the international strategies and guidelines defined by the EU, the UN and the OECD, with a classification of nine degrees, starting from the model, EEE, to go down to F.

The rating agency also highlights that the banks of the Bel Paese are on average more attentive to sustainability than their European and international peers. Standard Ethics, which launched the SE European Banks Index in 2017, notes that 50% of European banks have a Fully sustainable grade (5% classified EE +, 20% classified EE, 25% is EE-)43% has a Not fully sustainable grade (38% classified E +, 5% classified E), 5% has a Not sustainable grade (classified E-), while the remaining 2% of corporate Sers are assigned a “Pending “, Or pending.

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If we look at the Se Italian Banks Index (Open Free Sustainability Index), 11% of Italian banks have an EE + rating, 28% EE, 22% EE-, for a total of 61% of the three Fully Sustainable Grades, while 17% has an E + rating and 22% E (both Not fully sustainable grade).

Sustainability: Italian banks are the top of the class

The ones that have obtained EE +, the highest rating, are among the Italian companies Eni, Fineco, Prysmian, Unicredit and Unipolsai. These five realities are followed by, among others A2A, Generali, Bper, Enel, Intesa, Leonardo and Banco Bpmwith the EE rating. They also figure in the ranking Snam, Hera, Mediobanca, Moncler and Terna (EE- rating), which conclude the list of companies with a Fully Sustainable Grade.

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They come later Mediolanum, Cnh, Ferrari, Amplifon, Italgas, Pirelli, Stellantis and Poste Italiane (rating E +) and more Nexi, Ferragamo, Exor, Telecom and Campari with an E. Among the components of the Se Italian Index, Atlantia is the only company to report an E- rating.

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