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Israeli police allegedly used Pegasus to spy on the population


Pegasus is still relevant in the field of cyber espionage. According to information from the Israeli Calcalist media, the Israeli police themselves used the Pegasus spyware to spy on the population, in this case political opponents. Some of these opponents have reportedly called in the past for the removal of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. To make matters worse, these cyber-espionage attempts would have been carried out without the agreement of a judge and without a warrant, two conditions necessary for wiretapping.

The newspaper’s information is so credible that on Wednesday, January 19, the Israeli Ministry of Public Security announced that an investigation would be conducted to shed light on these serious allegations. For its part, the Israeli police deny these accusations and claim to remain within a perfectly legal framework. As for the publisher of the Pegasus software, the Israeli company NSO Group, it contented itself with recalling that it “does not exploit the systems in the possession of its customers”, and that their end goal remains to provide the best tools to fight criminals.

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