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Intel would drop $20 billion to build a new processor factory


Intel has some teeth in the semiconductor market again. processors Alder Lake powerful, integrated graphics chips that finally give the change, it is an understatement to say that the American foundry seems to be starting on new bases for some time. These ambitions now extend to production capacities: according to sources familiar with the matter, Intel would invest 20 billion dollars in the construction of a processor factory (in fact two production units) near Columbus, Ohio. The new site could employ up to 3,000 people.

This new production unit (“the largest silicon manufacturing site on the planet” in Intel’s terms) would not only be intended to manufacture iCore chips. It is rumored that Intel would like to position itself for the manufacture of Apple processors (Apple Silicon). A priori, it is difficult to see how the relocation to the United States of part of the chip production could not be of great interest to Apple. In addition, the construction of a mega-factory will undoubtedly make it possible to partially stem the current shortage of components, the objective being that supply can reach the level of global demand which has exploded since the pandemic.

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