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Instagram announces the retirement of its IGTV app


Instagram announces to abandon its IGTV application, which has never really been successful. Initially, IGTV was meant to compete with YouTube with long videos, but the sauce never really caught on.

Goodbye IGTV

Now, Instagram announces that the IGTV app will disappear from the App Store on iOS and the Play Store on Android in mid-March. Its goal is to have everything available in its main application so that users don’t have to switch from one platform to another.

As part of our efforts to make it easier to discover and create videos, we will no longer support our standalone app for IGTV. We will now prioritize streaming all videos in the main Instagram app. We find it easier for members to have all of these features and options in the main app. We will therefore continue to simplify and improve the video in the main application of Instagram in the coming months.

One point raised concerns the Reels, namely the copying of TikTok. These are “short” vertical videos. If we are to believe the social network, they are more and more popular among users. So he wants to bet on it.

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On the other hand, due to the priority given to Reels, in-stream video ads (previously called IGTV ads) will no longer be supported. Creators who actively monetize their content through in-stream video ads will receive a temporary monthly payment based on their recent earnings.

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