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In Ukraine, the good Biden, the bully Putin, the Chinese ugly… and the European idiots


The good Biden, the bully Putin and the ugly Xi Jinping… The Ukrainian “crisis”, which has occupied diplomatic offices and headlines since December, brings us back to the best times of the Cold War. But this time, for the leaders of the three greatest military powers in the world, it is not so much a question of defending an ideology – the attractions of capitalism having won over Russia and communist China for a long time – than of showing the muscles to the rest of the world while strengthening the ties on the internal plane.

In the good camp, Joe Biden, alias the good one, thus finds himself at the heart of a Ukrainian scenario that he did not co-write with Vladimir Putin. For several weeks, the latter has been blowing hot and cold on the outskirts of Ukraine, “this cradle of the Russian soul” that the West fears to see invaded by Moscow. However, while he has not succeeded, for a year, in imposing “his” new cold war between the United States and China, the American president may have the opportunity here to catch up. And to take his fellow citizens on a story more “stimulating” than the pandemic or the pitiful images of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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