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In Italy, the payment of the “RSA” will be reserved for holders of a health pass


No more shopping, no more books and newspapers, no more cigarettes except in outdoor outlets, no more work and above all no minimum citizenship income. From February 1, life will become very complicated in Italy for the non-vaccinated who will have to give up almost everything. Unless you show a “basic” health pass valid for 48 hours from the time the screening test is carried out.

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Mario Draghi’s strategy is clear: for lack of being able to introduce compulsory prophylaxis for everyone since Matteo Salvini’s League, also a member of the government coalition, opposes this measure, it is necessary to skew by multiplying the obstacles. This is now done, the list of places concerned by the obligation of the health pass – which also includes employment agencies – having become almost as thick as the Old Testament.

Vaccination obligation for employees…

The blow is damned hard this time, because the new measures target the economic survival of refractory to the sting. To access their place of work, those over 50 must be vaccinated or face a fine of €100. They will also be excluded from their place of work and their salary will be suspended after five days of absence which will be considered unjustified.

The situation is more complex for beneficiaries of citizenship income, a measure introduced in 2019 by the 5star Movement (M5S) to help the reintegration of the most disadvantaged jobseekers into the world of work – equivalent to the French RSA. Its amount is 760 euros but it can vary according to the applicants. According to the latest estimates from the Ministry of Employment, approximately 1.3 million households, or 3 million individuals, including 100,000 who are not vaccinated, benefit from this allowance, which costs the Italian State 8 billion euros per year. To continue to receive their monthly check, unvaccinated people under 50 will have to multiply the tests that they will pay out of pocket. Those who have already celebrated their fiftieth birthday, on the other hand, will first pay their obol of €100. Then they will probably have to say goodbye to their allowance. Because in theory, the decree on the vaccination obligation for the over 50s also concerns the unemployed.

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… and for job seekers

Escaping checks will now be part of the impossible missions for job seekers. The government has indeed tightened the criteria on the duration of compensation on the eve of the end of year celebrations. There is no longer any question of using the Internet, the beneficiaries must now go to the agency occasionally to update their position and meet with advisers to continue to receive their compensation. They must also participate in training courses and projects useful to the community at least 8 hours per week. After two successive refusals of employment, the right to the allowance will be revoked.

However, a small glimmer of hope remains for the unemployed who have not been vaccinated. According to Prof. Salvatore Curreri, university professor of public law, the ban on taking training courses and the possible abolition of universal income for the over 50s who have not been vaccinated would not yet be automatic, especially those in training. , because “going to school is not considered a job”.

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On the other hand, the disparity in treatment between job seekers and employees over 50 introduces the question of the negation of the principle of equality and non-discrimination. “A worker over 50 who has not been vaccinated will no longer be able to work and he will no longer receive his salary after 5 days of absence. On the other hand, jobseekers under the age of 50 who receive citizenship income will continue to receive it provided that they are tested on time. It’s a policy of double standards.” notes this academic before adding: “it is the worker who is the most penalized whereas the worker as well as the job seeker should be guaranteed an income at least equal to the amount of the citizenship income, by which I mean the subsistence minimum”.

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