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In Italy, Mario Draghi decided to “fuck” the non-vaccinated right away


Like Emmanuel Macron, the President of the Italian Council has decided to make life difficult for the unvaccinated. Initially, Mario Draghi’s idea was to make vaccination compulsory for Italians as well as for foreign nationals permanently settled in the Peninsula. One “wonderful project” according to the Scientific Council, which has been supporting the government in its fight since the start of the pandemic. A very bad idea for part of the far right and populists.

For the League – as for the 5 Star Movement – ​​a large part of the electorate is hostile to vaccination and Matteo Salvini, at the head of the League, does not want to make waves one year before the legislative elections. His ministers therefore went to war against the government, of which they are nevertheless a part. This limited the ardor of Mario Draghi who wanted to introduce the vaccine pass in the coming days.

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Vaccination will still become compulsory for people over 50 from February 1. To be able to work, the Italians will also have to present a “super health pass” which certifies that they have received their three doses or that they have recovered from the infection in the last four months. Free riders face a fine of 600 to 1,500 euros and suspension of their wages. Italians exempted from vaccination for medical reasons may be redirected to other tasks within their company to avoid the risk of contamination.

Decline of the “No-vax”

From January 20, the health pass will become compulsory to go to the bank, to the post office, to shops with the exception of essential shops such as supermarkets and pharmacies, but also to the hairdresser. The “basic” health pass must be renewed every two days on the basis of a non-reimbursed PCR or antigen test. Those who have already received the first dose can also obtain this basic health pass but must carry out screening tests while waiting to receive the next two doses. From January 10, sesame will also become mandatory for taking public transport. Another novelty: no more museums, sports halls, swimming pools and wedding or communion parties for the non-vaccinated.

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For the most part, doctors applaud these measures while criticizing the government for not having the courage to introduce compulsory vaccination without taking the League into account. For their part, the anti-vaccinations are silent. After demonstrating for a long time for nearly three months, the No-vax as they are called in Italy, have lost their strength. A part gave up their arms to be able to continue to live normally. On the other hand, the irreducible say they are ready to do anything to continue to resist.

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