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in Congress, Biden calls Putin a “dictator” and threatens Russian oligarchs


It is an annual ritual during which the American president details his main political axes. But this night (French time), in Congress, a sequence marked the spirits: Republican and Democratic parliamentarians standing together, to show their support for the ambassador of Ukraine, guest of honor.

Joe Biden, 79, began his nearly hour-long speech with a lengthy rant against the “dictator”Vladimir Putin, a eulogy to the resistance of the Ukrainian people, and an affirmation of the cohesion of democracies in the face of “autocracy”. He assured that the Russian president had not achieved his other objective, that of “divide among us”. Stating that the Russian President was “more isolated than ever”Joe Biden has confirmed that the United States will close its airspace “to all Russian flights” and threatened the country’s oligarchs with seizing their “yachts, luxury apartments, and private jets”resulting from earnings which he considers dishonest.

The conflict in Ukraine was not the only topic discussed. About the pandemic, Joe Biden claimed: “Covid-19 should no longer rule our lives” and added: “We cannot change our past divisions. But we can change the way we are going to move forward, on Covid-19 and other issues that we have to face together. »

crime spike

The president, whose confidence rating remains low, adopted a rather consensual tone while the mid-term elections, scheduled for a few months, could make him lose his very slim parliamentary majority. He promised that he was going to invest in the police force in the face of the outbreak of crime in the United States, and assured that he wanted to “secure” the southern border, where the waves of migration follow one another. To his progressive supporters, he assured that he would fight to defend the right to abortion ” threatened as ever and for access to the vote for African-Americans. He also promised his support to young transgender Americans, in the face of measures taken in some conservative states against surgical or hormonal procedures undergone by some minors.

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The centrist assured that the fight against soaring inflation was “his first priority” and advocated for an industrial renaissance of the United States and for a reduction in dependence on imports: “Let’s produce in America!” “.

The Democrat finally cheered a 13-year-old diabetic boy, Joshua Davis, when he called for a drop in the cost of drugs and in particular insulin. The president did not fail to recall the memory of his son Beau, who died of a brain tumor, and a veteran in Iraq, to ​​discuss the fight against cancer and the health of veterans.

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