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In Belgium I only work 4 days a week: the agreement arrives


Short work week in Belgium of only 4 days. The government has thus reached an agreement, after the one on smart working, which provides for the possibility of spreading the weekly hours of full time over 4 working days, earning an extra day of rest during the week. It will be “concrete progress for all workers!”, Tweeted the Minister of Labor Pierre-Yves Dermagne announcing the agreement after the negotiation to the ministerial committee.

Belgium: at work 4 days a week

Specifically, workers will be able to choose to concentrate their working hours on four days a week, so that they can enjoy another day off. Employees will also be able to opt for a variable weekly schedule, working more hours one week and having more free time the next. In both cases, the worker will decide the formula, a clearly interesting solution for families in which both parents work. The flexibility of hours in this formula is also thought of as a support to parenting thus allowing workers in Belgium to ask to work more hours a week to do less the next. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo explained during the press conference:

“The covid period forced us to work more flexibly, the job market inevitably had to adapt to this.”

“This is real progress for all workers! Concrete right to training; protection of digital platform workers; balance between professional and private life; Employment Strengthening Measures ”, Labor Minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne explained in a tweet announcing the agreement.

Last year Iceland had made known the excellent results of an experiment conducted with about 2500 workers working in various sectors, from offices to kindergartens, from social services to hospitals, who worked for 4 days a week instead of 5 but with envelopes full pay. The result, as announced by the British think tank Autonomy and the Icelandic Association for Sustainable Democracy, was a success as the workers spoke of a substantial improvement in their quality of life with a excellent balance between work and private life.

And in Italy can we look forward to a short working week with full pay? In fact, there is already an example. As reported by Millionaire.it, the 50-year-old William Griffini, entrepreneur and CEO of the head hunting company Carter & Benson, in Milan, has introduced the 4-day week since last January. In our country, more than a short working week, we are discussing smart working and what will happen when from 1 April, with the very likely end of the state of emergency, the discipline of agile work introduced with the outbreak of the pandemic will change.

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