Home Business Ica 2021: innovation awards and participation certificate to BNP (VIDEO)

Ica 2021: innovation awards and participation certificate to BNP (VIDEO)


The awards to the capacity for innovation and al certificate of participation this year he has won both BNP Paribas: an important success for the ICA 2021, hot commented by Luca Comunian.

The award ceremony for the best Certificates, Issuers and Distribution Networks of 2021 took place on January 18, in hybrid mode (both online and in person) for the fifteenth edition ofItalian Certificate Awards (ICA).

The ceremony organized by Triboo and Certificates and Derivatives and who has seen Italian Stock Exchange as a sponsor e Wall Street Italy as a media partner it confirmed its strong interest in the world of certificates.

The comment of the winners

For this edition they were 13 categories of awards, prizes for innovation capacity and participation certificate they both went to BNP Paribas (also awarded as broadcaster of the year). In the video below, Luca Comunian, Head of BG Certificates Hub of Banca Generali, underlined the importance of paying attention to customers and consultants in handling the pre and post-placement services of financial products. Let’s listen to his comment.

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