Home Health “I went very far”: Ariane Séguillon, former bulimic, confides

“I went very far”: Ariane Séguillon, former bulimic, confides


Bulimia is an addiction. On the occasion of the forthcoming release of his book, The big, published by Flammarion, the actress Ariane Séguillon confided in Télé Star. She tells his fight against this eating disorder in an exclusive interview to be found on newsstands this Monday, February 21.

“When you eat 6 baguettes in a row, 5 camemberts, you can have a heart attack. I went very, very far in my delirium, emptying fridges where there was nothing left. I ate anything Mustard everything. Bulimia is an addiction“, she explains.

As a reminder, Ariane Séguillon began to suffer from bulimia in 2015, when her brother Benjamin told her of his cancer. A disease that will prevail three years later.

My brother’s death in 2018 was an electric shock. I realized that I was committing suicide, confides the actress.

Supported by those close to her, she makes the decision to take charge of herself. “I came across an extraordinary shrink who categorically forbade me to have surgery before treating my bulimia. […] No diet, no operation works if we do not treat ourselves upstream. I don’t want to give people false hope,” insists the actress.

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