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“I found it extremely violent”: Angèle looks back on her forced coming out


Belgian singer Angèle was the subject of the show’s “Portrait of the Week” seven to eightbroadcast Sunday, February 20 on TF1. In particular, she returned to her meteoric rise, which did not go smoothly.

In 2019, a celebrity magazine broadcast without his consent photos revealing her love story with Marie Papillon, a French humorist, from whom she is now separated. One coming out strength “extremely violent,” she told Audrey Crespo-Mara.

“Unfortunately, I expected a love affair with a woman to make noise, even today, but it was one step too many for me, we entered into my privacy”, laments the singer.

Outing someone against their will is definitely not a pro-LGBT move.

She insists on issues related to coming out strengths : “People can be flexible, but you have to go with the right words, say it in the right way. For all these reasons, the outing cannot be justified”. In her case, she decided to clarify the situation on her account herself instagram. “It’s just a matter of timing, consent. But once that relationship was public, talking about it wasn’t a problem at all.”

As a reminder, after the dissemination of these photos, Angèle filed a complaint against the magazine and won her case. The compensation was donated to associations supporting the LGBT cause.

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