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How to analyze the air quality around you with the Recosanté digital tool?


Air pollution that exacerbates respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, rglobal warming which raises fears of the emergence of new diseases… The French are increasingly concerned about the denvironmental degradation and its impact on their health. In France, nearly 40,000 deaths of people aged 30 and over are directly linked each year to exposure to fine particles (PM2.5). Ambient air pollution represents 7% of the total mortality of the French population (source1).

To allow everyone to better understand their direct environment, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Ministry of Health have launched Recosanté. This digital public service offers localized air quality indicators or the risk of allergy to pollen.

The creation of the Reosanté site is part of the 4th national environmental health plan, launched in May 2021. It is a environmental health risk prevention program (for example, risks related to artificial light, indoor air quality, exposure to certain chemicals, waves, noise, etc.). It aims to better understand and reduce the impact of the environment on our health by limiting pollutants and the risks involved.

What environmental quality indices are available?

Using the Recosanté online dashboard, you can access several indicators on the quality of your environment for free:

  • the air quality index: it can be good, degraded, bad, dangerous, etc. ;
  • the pollen allergy risk index;
  • weather vigilance;
  • the radon risk level. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas found in soil and rocks. It has been classified as a lung carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer since 1987;
  • the UV index (coming soon).

Here is the dashboard:

What other services does Recosanté offer?

The digital tool also offers free of charge:

  • Daily information and/or a case of alert, by email or by notification, to know the quality of its environment.
  • A weekly digital newsletter that offers recommendations on the right things to do to protect your health.

The data disseminated on Recosanté are collected from approved air quality monitoring associations, the RNSA (national aerobiological monitoring network), of Meteo France and IRSN (Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety). The recommendations are validated by the General Directorate for Health and the General Directorate for Risk Prevention.

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