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How did Stromae manage to rebuild after his burnout?


Absent from the media and the music scene since 2015, Stromae, the Belgian singer with the famous hits “Alors on danse” or “Papaoutai”, was the guest of Anne-Claire Coudray this Sunday January 9 on the 8 p.m. news on TF1. The artist gave an intimate interview on the occasion of the release of his new single “L’enfer”, in which he evokes ill-being and suicidal tendencies. This title is the second extract from the album “Multitude” which will be released on March 4th.

During this interview, Stromae confided in the reasons which pushed him to take such a long break when he was at the height of his career: “I just needed to live”. The singer dropped everything, caught up in depression and burnout, linked to his media coverage and the rare side effects of an anti-malaria treatment, which he had followed as part of his tour in Rwanda in 2015.

Stromae, a break to focus on his private life

Over the past seven years, Stromae has taken time for himself and has chosen to focus on personal life. He got married and is now the proud father of a 3 year old little boy. “I was lucky to get married, I was lucky to have a child, who is now three years old. Life on tour is great, it’s a bit like summer camps, but we don’t live normal things”, confided the Belgian singer on the set of TF1.

During this break, Stromae hasn’t completely walked away from music. He has worked with other artists, including Billie Eilish, Dua Lippa, Big Flo and Oli or Orelsan. “It felt good to work for other people, because the focus was off me, and that’s what I needed,” the 36-year-old singer explained.

“Hell” the evocative song of Stromae’s ill-being

At the end of the interview, Anne-Claire Coudray asked the singer if the music had helped him to fight against a certain malaise, he who often evoked loneliness in his titles. Stromae then answered the journalist’s question… by singing his new single “L’enfer”. The latter deals with the theme of suicide. “I sometimes had suicidal thoughts and I’m not very proud of it/Sometimes we think it’s the only way to silence them”. A sequence full of emotions quickly became viral on social networks, fans paying tribute to the singer and his sincerity.

In video: It’s in the news: Stromae recounts his “suicidal thoughts”

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