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HoloLens optics architect joins Google’s AR Headset project


The AR/VR sector has been booming since the turnover of Facebook to the Metavers. Headset announcements follow one another at a crazy pace (PSVR 2, Panasonic headset, Project Cambria, Google’s Project Iris, rumors about Apple’s VR headset), the studios magically receive millions of dollars from of investors enticed by the financial outlook, and the big names in the sector are playing musical chairs.

We have just learned that Bernard Kress, the main architect of the optics of the HoloLens, has left Microsoft to join the Google Labs AR headset project. Bernard Kress now holds the position of Director of XR Engineering at Google Labs. This transfer of skills is also a return to basics, because in 2015, Bernard Kress was already the main designer of the optics of Google Glass (one of the many aborted projects of Google).

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Incidentally, this job change also tells us about Google’s ambitions in the AR/VR sector. Barely in office, Kress has indeed published a statement that leaves no room for interpretation: “Google is uniquely positioned among the key players in this market to effectively address the growing consumer AR market by combining its existing and acclaimed digital services and products with new optics, display and sensor technologies. generation, providing the user with a seamless and unparalleled experience.”

If rumors are to be believed, Google’s AR headset will hit the market in 2024.

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