Home World News “Here in Kiev, it’s only trenches, sandbags, supplies, patrols”

“Here in Kiev, it’s only trenches, sandbags, supplies, patrols”


The night of February 28 to March 1 was eerily calm. The day too. We were taken back our guns. To give them to more experienced people. We are asked to stay at home. How to help? So I made a donation to the army of my country: 25,000 grivnas (1,000 euros). That’s all I have on my account. They will be better used there than elsewhere. I’m weak, but at least that I can do.

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A friend’s mother calls me crying. She is Russian, 85, lives in Moscow, but her daughter lives in Kiev. The daughter refuses to speak to her mother who remains loyal to Putin: “ When you die, I’ll put an icon of Putin in your hands and you’ll go to hell together. “What can I say to him? That her daughter is right? A huge Russian convoy is reported to be approaching Kiev: 7 kilometers long, 50 kilometers? We hope so much that the French friend who announces it to us is wrong. Armageddon begins.

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My son, whom we hid in the countryside, is holed up with his grandparents in a cellar. The incessant jerks of the shots exhaust them. Here in Kiev, it is only trenches, sandbags – so heavy – provisions, patrols. We were allowed out at 8am. Queue in front of the stores. Some soldiers also arrive. We applaud them. They have red eyes. We exchange with them the declaration of the Slovak Prime Minister: “ They fight for us, they fight for freedom “. Slovakia pleads for our entry into the European Union. It’s good but a bit late. We – the men – can no longer leave Kiev. Who cares. We want to defend it.

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