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Green Pass towards farewell, rumors on the first possible dates


As the rapid descent of Coronavirus infectionsthe Draghi’s government accelerates on the end of the state of emergency. And it is heading straight for the summer, when it will be possible to say goodbye to most of the restrictions that have accompanied citizens in the fight against the pandemic. It is then that, according to the first rumors in circulation, that we could say goodbye to the Green Pass. There is talk of the end of June, as a candidate date. Or maybe even before the 15th, the day on which the vaccination obligation for over 50s expires.

“We must be aware that we are at the beginning of a new phase: just as we have gradually introduced a whole series of restrictions, with the usual gradualness we will loosen them”, he said yesterday. the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa, guest of the television program ‘Oggi è unaltra giorno’ broadcast on Rai1. But is it plausible that one day the masks can be removed in theaters, cinemas or concerts? “Absolutely yes. But also the Green pass. There will be some easing shortly thereafter ”.

The most accepted assumptions are for a gradual easing. We think of a farewell to the basic green pass (the buffer) for shopping, banks and post offices. The certificate to enter the shops should be the first that is no longer needed. The decision will come in the coming weeks, but it is difficult to think that it will remain beyond March 31, the official date of the end of the emergency.

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Meanwhile, the easing of restrictions is proceeding smoothly in Europe e London, once again, it is ready to forge ahead by eliminating the remaining ones on February 21, a month ahead of schedule. There France for its part, it aims to revoke the Super Green pass at the end of March. The push for a return to normality is also strong overseas, so much so that New York leave the masks indoors.

Reopening in stages in Italy

Meanwhile, the reopening program goes on fast. The new ordinance signed by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza is valid until March 31, 2022 eliminates the obligation of outdoor masks from 11 February. AND from March 31st also in indoor places. Until that date, however, it remains mandatory to wear the Ffp2 on trains, airplanes, ships and on all means of local public transport.

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From 18 February to 1 March it is planned to increase the capacity in the stadiums to 75% and that of the sports halls to 50%. Bringing 100% cinemas and theaters. While, again from tomorrow, Friday 11 February, the discos will also reopen. Only those with a reinforced Green pass can enter the premises, therefore recovered or vaccinated. The capacity limit of all dance clubs cannot exceed 75% outdoors and 50% indoors compared to the maximum authorized.

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