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Green pass: the shops where it will be possible to enter without


While the Government has said it is ready to manage the announced downward phase of the fourth wave, the new Dpcm is on its way, – the one that introduced, among other things, the vaccine requirement for the over 50s, with the list of few activities where it will be possible to access without a green certificate.

The new decree of the Prime Minister should be fired tomorrow, Wednesday 19 January, and is the result of a confrontation between the ministries of public administration, economic development, justice and health.

The shops where you can enter without a vaccine or a tampon

From what emerges from the rumors reported by the press, from February 1st, without Basic green pass it may be possible to enter only grocery stores, the health sector, supermarkets, optics, the purchase of pellets or wood for heating, fuel and – only outdoors – from the tobacconist (in kiosks) and newsagents.

The bookstores remain out of the list while the discussion on shopping centers is still open: the solution we are working on would include the possibility of accessing the structures even for those who do not have a pass but only to go to those shops that are included in the list of those exempted, therefore supermarkets and pharmacies and parapharmacies.

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According to reports from the Ansa agency, the Dpcm should in general distinguish between indoor and outdoor commercial activities, and identify those necessary “to ensure the satisfaction of essential and primary needs of the person” only in the context of indoor activities. Included in the list, free passes could also be purchases in the markets, from street vendors and petrol stations.

An approach that would also find the favor of the Mise because it is consistent with the need for prevention (which are placed indoors), after having asked to expand the list of activities allowed in recent days with respect to the initial perimeter identified by the Ministry of Public Service and from that of Health. In addition, again on the proposal of the Mise, there could be clauses that protect emergency and urgent situations in realities where it is more difficult to swab quickly, such as in small mountain towns.

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