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Green Pass: from today mandatory for hairdressers and beauticians


The freedom of action without the green pass is further restricted. From today until March 31st (end of state of emergency)obligation of green certification to access what are defined as “personal services”: hairdressers, barbers, beauticians.

In this case, the simple green pass, the one obtainable with a negative swab. The checks that access to these activities takes place in compliance with the provisions are the responsibility of the “relative owners, managers or managers”. For those who violate the rules, penalties ranging from 400 to one thousand euros are triggered.

All this while the government is filing the decree containing the list of primary activities that can be accessed without certification: in addition to food, pharmacies, opticians, shops to buy wood or pellets for heating, among the novelties there would also be pass free entry to the post office for the withdrawal of the pension, while for other postal services certification (basic or strengthened). The same for outdoor activities such as gas stations, markets, newsstands. The pass will instead be used to buy cigarettes from the tobacconist.

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In the package of restrictions in place to stem the run of the Omicron variant, other measures are also about to come into force. Two dates to keep in mind:

February 1

The one-off penalty of 100 euros for those over 50 Italians and foreigners residing in Italy who have not been vaccinated. The sanction will be imposed by the Revenue Agency, by crossing the data of the resident population with those resulting from the regional or provincial vaccination registries.

On the same day, the vaccination obligation for all university staff is also triggered. Finally, the obligation of a basic green pass also starts for entry into commercial activities, that is to say in shops.

February 15

Shoot the obligation of super green pass (certificate of vaccination or recovery from Covid) at work for the over 50s: to enter the office, public and private workers over the age of 50 must have a reinforced pass in their pocket. Those who are not yet vaccinated will therefore have to carry out the first dose of the vaccine by January 31 to obtain an enhanced green pass valid by that date.

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