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Google Chrome: Muting tabs in one click will become possible


Google will simplify the process to mutate a tab, so much so that one click will suffice, compared to two today. This will make it easier for everyone and it will be faster.

Mute a tab on Chrome in one click

Chrome already displays an icon on tabs that play sound. This means makes it possible to quickly identify them. You can then right-click on the tab in question and choose the option “Cut site option”. This will mute the sound. With a future Chrome update, it will be enough to simply click on the sound icon to have the same result.

The change is already a reality in the Canary version of Chrome. This predates the beta version and may be unstable depending on usage. Google has added a new flag called Tab audio muting UI control. The description says: “When enabled, the audio indicators in the tab bar turn into tab audio mute controls.” Chrome adds that it is valid for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and Fuchsia.

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For information, this system already existed a few years ago. But for some surprising reason, even today, Google decided to take it down. Now the group is preparing for its comeback.

When will this feature be available for everyone with the stable version of Chrome? It is difficult to give an exact answer at this time. But given that Google is on a rhythm of a new version of Chrome every four weeks, we can imagine that it will not be ready for two versions (two months therefore).

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