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Google Chrome 98 is available: the list of new features


Google offers the stable version of Chrome 98 for download. This is a relatively minor update for users. The changes mainly concern developers.

What’s new in Chrome 98

Chrome 98 implements COLRv1, a new color gradient vector font set. This means emojis are easier to scale and come in smaller file sizes. This is largely due to the shift from PNGs to vector formats. It’s not something you’ll notice with the small emojis, but when you zoom in you can see a pretty big improvement. You can do a test by going to this page and doing the comparison.

The new update should also be an opportunity to facilitate screenshots via a dedicated button to the right of the address bar. It was in place with the Canary test build, but Google eventually decided not to enable it by default with the stable build. This is due to bugs where the browser crashes. We can therefore hope that it will be available with the 99 version.

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Additionally, Google tested a more “native” looking top bar for Web Apps in Chrome 97 and is now available to everyone in the stable version of Chrome 98. The top bar makes better use of available space for items such as search bars. It takes up less space overall and just looks nicer.

Chrome 98 is available now for download from google.fr/chrome.

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