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Google Announces Limiting Ad Tracking on Android


Google announces the arrival of the Privacy Sandbox on Android with the aim of limiting advertising tracking on Android applications. The project is inspired by what Apple offers with its iPhones. But at the same time, Google criticizes the initiative of its competitor.

More privacy-friendly ads on Android

Google’s Privacy Sandbox on Android should improve privacy. Here is what Google says:

Today we’re announcing a multi-year plan to roll out the Privacy Sandbox initiative on Android, with the goal of building new, more privacy-friendly advertising solutions. These will work without cross-app identifiers, including advertising identifiers, and limit the sharing of user data with third parties. We are also working on other technologies to help prevent covert data collection, including safer ways to integrate apps with advertising SDKs.

At Apple, applications must since the iOS 14.5 update request authorization from users to use their data. A pop-up is displayed when the application is first launched. Google will not have this approach, the group contenting itself with limiting advertising tracking and not blocking it. Moreover, Google alludes to Apple’s solution without citing its competitor:

Other platforms have taken a different approach to protecting the privacy of online advertisements, restricting the use of tools already available to developers and advertisers. In our view, without a privacy-friendly alternative, these approaches will be ineffective, if not counterproductive, to data privacy and developer operations.

With the launch of the Privacy Sandbox on Android, our goal is to provide effective and privacy-friendly advertising solutions. This is to ensure users that their information is protected and to provide businesses and developers with the tools to grow on mobile platforms.

Pop-Up iOS 14 Anti-Tracking Ad Tracking

Apple’s solution with its iPhones

Google will therefore continue over the next two years to support current mobile advertising capabilities. Also, the group will notify stakeholders well in advance of any changes.

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