Home Technology Google: a new antitrust complaint in Europe to 2.1 billion euros

Google: a new antitrust complaint in Europe to 2.1 billion euros


PriceRunnera Swedish price comparison site, has just attacked google in court and seeks 2.1 billion euros in damages, just months after the European Court of Justice upheld a record fine of 2.8 billion euros for antitrust abuses concerning the Google Shopping service. Europe had then considered that Google favored Google Shopping at the level of its search engine compared to competing services.

For PriceRunner, the European decision paves the way for more targeted damages: “We seek compensation for the harm Google has caused us over many years, but also see this lawsuit as a fight for consumers who have suffered enormously from Google’s infringement of competition law for fourteen years and still today. today, ” said Mikael Lindahl, CEO of PriceRunner.

PriceRunner believes that Google has a monopoly position, and that the American giant is abusing this position to impose itself on other markets adjacent to online search. The high amount of damages sought stems from a clever calculation taking into account the daily losses due to competition deemed unequal with Google Shopping.

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