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Galaxy clamping: Samsung reacts and promises an update


Samsung has reacted to the case of the limitation of the performance of its Galaxy smartphones because of the Game Optimizing Service (GOS). A recent analysis showed a slowdown in no less than 10,000 apps.

Soon an update from Samsung

In recent days, Samsung Galaxy owners have discovered that a pre-installed system app on their smartphones reduced the performance of some apps by up to 50%, except for some benchmark apps. The slowdown was evidenced by changing the name of a benchmark application to that of another application in the list of those affected by GOS on Samsung devices. The benchmark app in question suddenly showed much lower numbers.

Samsung reacted to The Verge, assuring that an upcoming update will give users a little more control:

We appreciate the feedback we receive on our products, and after careful consideration, we plan to release a software update soon so that users can monitor performance when running games.

Our priority is to offer the best mobile experience to consumers. The Game Optimizing Service (GOS) was designed to help games achieve excellent performance while effectively managing device temperature. GOS does not manage the performance of non-gaming applications.

Note that Samsung claims that there is no restriction of Android applications. And yet, the tests did show that there is a slowdown caused by Game Optimizing Service for many applications, including TikTok, Microsoft Office and many others.

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