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From the Pnrr push to employment: 730 thousand new jobs in Italy


If all six missions of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) will be fully realized, it will be possible to create approx 730,000 new jobs in Italy by 2026, of which 381 thousand women and 132 thousand young people between the ages of 15 and 34, with an impact of + 3.2% on the employment rate compared to the scenario in the absence of the plan.

These are the estimates made by Randstad, a company active in the human resources sector, based on a survey on the objectives, actions and possible repercussions on the work of the Italian Pnrr. An analysis that highlights the potential growth of jobs in each sector, with the most significant impacts in the digital transformation, with over 200 thousand new employees, and in the “green” revolution, with around 180 thousand.

“In addition to being an opportunity to make our country more efficient, innovative and sustainable, it is a formidable opportunity to relaunch employment, but to seize it you need a joint commitment of institutions, the training world and businesses” he explained Marco Ceresa, group CEO of Randstad at Sole 24Ore, which anticipated the analysis data.

Pnrr: jobs for each mission

Going into the details of the individual missions:

  • Mission 1 (innovation, competitiveness, culture and tourism): thanks to the wide endowment it will have an important employment impact of 205 thousand new places (+ 0.9%).
  • Mission 2 (ecological transition): the creation of 182 thousand jobs (+ 0.8%), of which 68 thousand in the renewable energy, hydrogen and sustainable mobility sectors, others 68 thousand in the field of energy efficiency and redevelopment of buildings, another 23 thousand for circular economy, sustainable agriculture and protection of the territory and water resources.
  • Mission 3 (infrastructure for sustainable mobility): will add 46 thousand seats;
  • Mission 4 (education and research): it will generate some 114 thousand;
  • Mission 5 (inclusion and cohesion): it will create some 137 thousand;
  • M.ission 6 on health it will generate 46 thousand.

In this context, Randstad Italia has launched several projects, including the Medical project dedicated to mission 6 and the Cross Boarding project, with which the agency will aim at the recruitment abroad of specialized profiles to combat the phenomenon of scarcity of candidates in some sectors, including healthcare and construction, where Randstad expects, by 2026, the overseas recruitment of 2,815 profiles.

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