Home Technology French police drones could be used for mass surveillance of the population

French police drones could be used for mass surveillance of the population


the Constitutional Council has just validated almost all the measures of the law ” criminal liability and homeland security who had already received the blank check from the Senate last December. This new law stipulates that law enforcement will now be able to use drones for mass surveillance of the population.

The framework governing this use of drones remains very broad since it will be possible to deploy them for “the prevention of attacks on the safety of persons and property”the safety of gatherings on the public highway“, “ regulation of transport flows“, “ helping people“, “ border surveillance, with a view to combating their irregular crossing ” or even ” prevention of acts of terrorism“. A priori, we shouldn’t have drones above our heads when we’re just going to get the bread, but who knows…

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On the other hand, drones cannot be used to perform mass facial recognition or record sounds and only the National Police (and not municipal) can use them. It will also require the agreement of the prefect (but not the judge) to proceed with their use. Less prone to controversy no doubt, other measures seem intended to curb “blunders” (rare but real), such as the installation of cameras on board police vehicles or compulsory video surveillance of people placed in police custody. Unsurprisingly, associations for the defense of citizens’ rights (such as La Quadrature du Net) were disappointed with the decision of the Constitutional Council.

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