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Free TER trains for refugees, UN resolution, oil…


Free TER trains in France for Ukrainian refugees

France had already announced on February 28, via the voice of the CEO of the SNCF Jean-Pierre Farandou, the free provision of TGV and Intercités for Ukrainian refugees. From now on, the TER will also be concerned. “ The regions of France have reaffirmed their mobilization with Ukrainian refugees who have fled combat zones by introducing free travel on TER lines. explained the head of regional trains at SNCF Jean-Aimé Mougenot.

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“A simple system is planned to take care of Ukrainian refugees arriving at the station and allow them to travel in France free of charge by presenting their Ukrainian identity document or a special transport ticket issued by our colleagues from Deutsche Bahn” SNCF confirmed to AFP.

At the UN, Johnson calls it a war crime and Ukraine a genocide

This Wednesday, a resolution was debated and voted on before the General Assembly of the United Nations in order to mark the will of the States to reject the war in Ukraine. 141 countries voted for the resolution and 5 against (Belarus, Eritrea, Russia, North Korea and Syria).

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In front of the institution, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made vehement remarks to encourage member countries to support this resolution. “What we have already seen from the regime of Vladimir Putin regarding the use of munitions dropped on innocent civilians, this already constitutes in my opinion a war crime” he exclaimed.

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The International Criminal Court had already announced on Monday the opening of an investigation to determine whether “war crimes” had been committed. As a reminder, war crimes are specific offenses committed in the context of a war targeting civilians, regardless of their nationality (eg murder, sexual violence, torture).

Before the same assembly, the Ukrainian ambassador to the UN, Sergiy Kyslytsya, asked that a “genocide” be recognized with regard to Ukrainians. “It is easy to sign the UN Charter in peacetime. Come and sign it in time of war” he exclaimed in front of the member countries of the association. The United Nations Convention defines genocide as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”.

Biden ready to give up Russian oil

Asked by an American journalist about this possibility, Joe Biden announced that he “was not excluded” the United States to stop buying Russian oil. If such a decision were implemented, it would follow the battery of economic measures announced by Western countries with regard to Russia. However, this measure would not have insurmountable consequences for the United States, since the country produces 20% of the world’s oil.

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