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Free Mobile promises VoLTE for all smartphones in 2022


VoLTE has recently been available from Free Mobile, but you still need a compatible smartphone. The operator is already establishing a list of models that are or will support 4G calls. Today, it is announcing out-of-the-box support for models released in 2022.

Better for VoLTE at Free Mobile

“The list below represents terminals released before 2022 that have been updated to support the VoLTE Free service. All terminals released in France since January 1, 2022 support VoLTE Free automatically and are therefore not listed below.indicates the operator on its site.

As a reminder, VoLTE is the fact of being able to stay in 4G during calls. Without this feature, the phone switches to 3G during the call then switches back to 4G or 5G once it is finished. VoLTE connects calls faster, provides better sound quality during calls, and allows you to continue browsing the Internet over 4G.

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In the case of Free Mobile, VoLTE is available to customers who have the €19.99/month plan or who have the Free Pro offer. Unfortunately the operator does not offer the service for those who have the €2/month subscription or those who take advantage of promotional packages, such as the one currently at €8.99/month.

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