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Fournier: “Three times in a row, it’s no coincidence”


Author of his career best against Boston (41 points) with the New York Knicks, Evan Fournier admitted that he was a little more motivated than usual when he faces his former team.

Go from 0 to 41 points in 48 hours. Such is the feat achieved by Evan Fournier, who went from “zero” to “hero” in the eyes of Knicks fans, when he scored 41 points against Boston at Madison Square Garden on Thursday for a 108-105 victory. The French player signed the match of his life, notably returning 10 shots from 3 points in 14 attempts. Coincidence or coincidence, it was against the Celtics that he had already exceeded the 30-point mark (32 twice) this season, while he has not done so against any other opponent.

Maybe there’s a little extra motivation, but it’s not something I do against the Celtics on purpose. But yes, three times in a row, so it’s hard to say no, it’s not a coincidence “, he acknowledged. Last March, Evan Fournier was sent to Boston by Orlando and he played 16 games in the mythical green jersey, for an average of 13 points, 3.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists, and a peak of 30 points and 8 assists against Miami. But the C’s didn’t offer him a new contract, and he signed a four-year, $78 million contract with the Knicks in the summer.

Many fans wanted him on the bench

But his New York adventure has been made more of lows than highs since his arrival (like the start of the franchise season, 10th in the East with 19 wins for 20 losses). Against Indiana last Tuesday, he finished with 0 points, 0 of 4 on shots. A few days before, he had scored 3 points against Oklahoma City then 20 against Toronto.

“When you go through a season where there is a lot of inconsistency and you try to find a rhythm, you always start the day with a new attitude,” he explained after his card against the C’s. The Olympic vice-champion will therefore have to find regularity while many Knicks fans, before his historic match on Thursday, asked that he start the matches on the bench. But coach Tom Thibodeau continues to trust him. Moreover, this Saturday, New York is going to Boston for the last confrontation between the two teams in the regular season. For a new box of Evan “Antizz”?

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