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First case of “flurona”, a double infection flu and Covid-19


Catching the flu and Covid-19 at the same time is, fortunately, not common. Yet this is what recently happened in Israel, since the country confirmed, last Thursday, December 30, its first case of patient infected with both Sars-CoV-2 and seasonal influenza virus.

According to i24news, which reports the information, doctors at Beilison Hospital in the center of the country said that this dual infection dubbed “flurona” had been diagnosed in an unvaccinated pregnant woman. Which presented mild symptoms, including breathing difficulties, and was able to leave the hospital Thursday, December 30, in good health.

However, it is difficult to say with certainty that this is the first case of influenza-Covid-19 double infection, because many people may have been doubly infected and not diagnosed.

Israel’s Health Ministry, which is calling on its citizens to get vaccinated against both diseases, has stressed that it will pay close attention to “flurona” cases, in order to determine whether the combination of the two viruses causes more severe symptoms.

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