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Firefox: two zero day vulnerabilities fixed in extreme urgency


It’s been a hot weekend for the developers of firefox. Mozilla announces that it has urgently fixed two vulnerabilities zero day nested in the heart of the browser. If Mozilla was so quick to distribute a patch (Firefox v97.0.2 Firefox ESR 91.6.1, Firefox for Android 97.3.0, and Focus 97.3.0), it is also for the simple and good reason that the flaw was already fully exploited by villains: “We have received several reports of attacks abusing these zero-day vulnerabilities” says Mozilla on its site.

These two faults were particularly sensitive: one of them, of type Remote Code Execution (RCE), allows the remote installation and execution of malicious code, obviously without having to go through prior authorizations. In general, it became extremely simple for a hacker to steal personal data of his choice from a remote workstation, provided that the latter were not encrypted. The second flaw, of the Use-after-free type, allowed the use of memory not allocated by certain applications to install malicious code there.

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You know how this article will end dear reader, especially if you read us via a Firefox browser: it is high time to update (v97.0.2) if it has not already been done.

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