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Firefox down since this morning: here is the (temporary) solution


Firefox users (on PC) have something to complain about in front of their cup of coffee since this morning. The red fox navigator is down, or rather malfunctions in large widths. Some web pages (not all, which is weird) never load, or rather seem to load without ever stopping. Not all users seem affected by this big problem, but the bug is so widespread that smart guys have tried to work around the problem. Tip: they succeeded!

If you want to find a working Firefox, then the temporary solution is to type “about:config” in the address bar and once in the settings to enter “network.http.http3.enabled” in the search field (then deactivate http3 via the icon on the right). All you have to do is restart the browser, and you’re done! Mozilla would still be well advised to quickly update its software to support the http3 protocol.

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