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Firefox crashing: problem solved, Mozilla explains the reason


Firefox users experienced disruptions today, with the browser crashing. Pages were either very slow or not loading. Mozilla, which manages the browser, announces that the problem is now resolved and explains.

End of outage for Firefox

How to fix Firefox crashing and not loading pages? It’s very simple: just close the browser and then reopen it. A change has been made to the servers for a few hours.

What was the problem ? On Twitter, Mozilla indicated that its software was unresponsive due to a change in default settings from a cloud provider that triggered a bug in Firefox’s HTTP/3. “We have disabled the configuration change and confirmed that the issue is resolved”, assures Mozilla.

A temporary solution to circumvent the worries was to go through about:config and set the value false to the network.http.http3.enabled chain. If you have done so, you are invited to redo the same manipulation, but this time putting the value true. Firefox will continue to work on restart, Mozilla having taken care of it.

It is in any case certain that this bug was more than annoying for users. It makes you wonder if some have not taken the opportunity to switch to Chrome or another browser. Already Firefox has been losing tens of millions of users for years…

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