Home Technology Final Fantasy XIV goes on sale again on January 25

Final Fantasy XIV goes on sale again on January 25


Too much success kills success. In mid-December, Square-Enix had taken the heavy decision to suspend sales of the MMROPG Final Fantasy XIV (digital format), the servers failing to keep up with the influx of players in the wake of the Endwalker expansion. Many players had to wait sometimes several hours before integrating the parts, Square Enix having not been able to resize its servers in time because of the shortage of semiconductors (at least this is the justification of the editor).

The director and producer of the game, Naoki Yoshida, has just announced that Final Fantasy XIV will be available for sale again on January 25th. This return to normal will take place in stages. On January 25, therefore, the publisher will start its Oceanian data center and provide access to five new “worlds” to facilitate transfers for players (the transfer service will be operational again from January 26). Players who decide to switch to the Oceanian servers will of course be able to do so for free.

In parallel with these initial traffic support measures, Square Enix will begin to expand the capacities of its Japanese, European and North American servers. Regarding North America (USA/Canada), the first phase of server expansion will start somewhere in August 2022 (4 new online worlds will then be offered). The extension of the European servers will start next July (4 new worlds again). By 2023, eight additional new worlds will be available for European players.

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