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Ferrari, Apple and Gucci among the most loved brands by Italians


Apple, Gucci, Maybelline and Ferrari are the brands of tech, fashion, beauty and most loved cars in Italy. Thus emerges from a study just published by Ebuyer according to which Italians rely on Gucci and Maybelline when it comes to fashion and beauty. Instead, they prefer Apple (like so many other countries) for tech and love – or would love to – show up for work at Ferrari.

Looking to Europe, Apple turns out to be the most popular tech brand. In fact, thirteen of the twenty-eight countries analyzed favor Apple as their favorite tech brand. Other popular tech companies include Google and Tesla, both of which appear three times as the top choice for some countries, but Apple still holds the lead. Despite being a tough race, French fashion company Dior takes the top spot, ranking as the most popular fashion choice for seven countries, according to the research. H&M comes in second, with six countries, while other well-known brands such as Zara, Nike and Adidas also find a place on the list.

Leading in nine countries, Maybelline is the most loved beauty brand in many European countries. Much like Apple’s tech dominance, other popular beauty brands simply don’t come close to Maybelline; L’OREAL Paris and Mac are the next most popular brands, with four countries each, while the remaining countries all find a range of brands as their preferred option. In the auto sector, it is the German companies BMW and Mercedes that dominate the top spot as the most popular brands across Europe. BMW is the most popular, being preferred by nine of the countries we analyzed, but Mercedes closely follows with six.

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Alessandra Caparello | Wall Street Italy

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