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Female anatomy: these things that Leonardo da Vinci did not observe well if we are to believe his sketches


Once is not custom, it seems that the famous Italian scientist Leonardo da Vinci forgot some elements on an anatomical sketch.

On its Twitter account, the “Vagina Museum” in London (United Kingdom) published a sketch of Leonardo da Vinci representing “the origin of the world“, in other words the female gender. Better has been known, however, in terms of realism and observation from the eminent scientist. Because, as the Vagina Museum’s Twitter account points out, in a series of tweets, there are several things missing from this sketch to be complete.

Playfully noting Leonardo da Vinci as a pupil, the Vagina Museum’s Twitter account says “give him a chance” by taking a look at the back of this page, which evokes the internal reproductive organs of women. If he placed the uterus correctly, namely between the bladder and the rectum, the Italian scientist misunderstood the role of the ovaries, which he thought produced a “female sperm”, by anatomical analogy with the testicles. He also connected the ovaries to the kidneys, when this is not the case.

Short, “copy to review”, you might say. On the internet, some Internet users are amused by this unexpected ignorance, pointing out that Leonardo da Vinci was rather focused on the male anatomy, or that his sketches of helicopters, which did not yet exist, were pure genius for the time. So let’s just say we can’t be everywhere!

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