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Evan Fournier on the start?


Irregular since his arrival in New York last summer, Evan Fournier could be exchanged before the end of the period of “trades”, on February 10.

On March 25, 2021, the last day of the NBA “trades” period, Evan Fournier was sent to Boston by Orlando, who had decided to start from scratch by letting his stars (Fournier, Vucevic, Gordon) go. Almost a year later, will the French player suffer the same fate? While the NBA franchises have until February 10 to exchange players, Evan Fournier could well be sent elsewhere by the New York Knicks, the franchise he joined this summer, for four years and 78 million dollars. According to Brian Windhorst ofESPNthe New York franchise is ready to part with several players, such as Fournier, Kemba Walker or Alec Burks. Qualified for the play-offs last season, the Knicks are struggling this year and occupy only eleventh place in the Eastern Conference, with 23 wins for 26 losses.

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Fournier, from 0 to 41 points…

The star of the team, Julius Randle, is disappointing overall (18.7pts average this season against 24.1pts last season), and Evan Fournier, who should have been his lieutenant, alternates the good and the less good. The Olympic vice-champion had some heat strokes, especially against Boston, where he scored twice 32 points and once 41, his new career high, on January 6. He also scored 26 points against the Lakers and 27 against Minnesota. But he also had unsuccessful matches, including five games at less than 5 points. (0 points in 22 minutes against Indiana on January 4), so that the Knicks are therefore ready to exchange him, to leave Julius Randle (who would not however be exempt from leaving in the event of a good offer, according to SNY), RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish, fresh from Atlanta, take the controls. It now remains to find a base for the Frenchman, who still has three years of contract, and who will receive 18 million dollars next season, 18.8 the next and 19 in 2024-25.

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