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Europe and price comparison: Google appeals the fine of 2.4 billion euros


Google has announced that it is appealing a European court decision confirming a fine of 2.4 billion euros imposed by Brussels for anti-competitive practices in the price comparison market.

Google appeals a large Shopping fine

The European Commission sanctioned Google in June 2017 for having abused its dominant position in online search in order to promote its price comparison Google Shopping in 13 European countries and secure it a good position by making its competitors practically invisible to consumers.

On November 10, the Court of the European Union, established in Luxembourg, rejected a first appeal by the American Internet giant against this fine. “After careful consideration, we have decided to appeal the General Court’s decision as we believe that certain aspects require legal clarification from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU)”said a Google spokeswoman in a statement sent to AFP. “Regardless of the Court’s decision and the appeal, we continue to invest in the product modifications that have worked successfully for several years and will continue to work constructively with the European Commission”the group added.

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The fine of 2.4 billion euros represented at the time when it had been imposed a record amount. It has since been exceeded by that of 4.3 billion euros also imposed against Google, about Android in July 2018.

The review of this appeal could take up to two years before a final decision in this case which began in 2010, with the launch of a Commission investigation following complaints lodged by competitors of Google Shopping.

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