Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

The electric vehicle technology is already taking shape in the US, with motorbikes and other three-wheelers adopting the trend. People are avoiding the noisy and emissive ICE systems for the quiet and clean electrified systems to retain the environment’s air quality. Many automakers are coming up with various car designs to add to the existing electric vehicle models to close in on the market niche before a monopoly takes charge. For instance, the development of the Nissan Leaf EV that travels for 300 miles before the next recharge sparked the development of more designs that surpass that limit.

Electric motorbikes are the newest trend that is bracing the vehicle industry. Numerous motorcycles manufacturers are developing models that have an electric system to prevent losing their customers to those developing environmentally-friendly models. Additionally, the motorbike races are introducing electric motorbikes to speed up the transition to clean electric vehicles. Two famous actors navigated with samples of these motorbikes from Argentina to Los Angeles. The two models covered the 20000 km distance in not less than 100 days, proving that these motorbikes can travel for long distances. This journey’s success was because there are charging stations along the road through this South American journey, which engineered a less anxious trip.

The South American region seems to be adapting to this transition, especially with the numerous charging stations they have developed and those they are still establishing. The carmakers are venturing into the technology of storing energy to ensure that the electric models traversing over long distances have fewer worries.

Additionally, America is pushing for the installation of charging systems in every new building under construction. The future vehicle industry focuses on clean energy, cars that perform efficiently and utilize renewable energy.

Countries like New Zealand are quickly moving towards electric vehicles. The country is accepting the development of more electric vehicles to realize fewer emissions from the automotive industry. Nevertheless, the government was adamant about allowing the passing of specific drafts into laws for fear that the car industry would sink if they banned the ICE vehicles. The government is working on a mechanism that will make electric cars affordable without affecting the profits of this industry.

Currently, the US presidential candidates are under the limelight to observe who will readily accept the adoption of electric vehicles. The candidates have been keen on giving explanatory answers to this motion to avoid a public uproar from electric cars’ proponents and those of ICE vehicles. Finally, the US shows positive but sluggish support for electric vehicles waiting for the energy and automotive industry to make the right moves.

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