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Driven by processors, Intel ended 2021 with record results


2021 has been great for Intel, so much so that the group achieved a record year financially speaking. This is due to the strong demand for processors and electronic chips more generally.

2021 was a banner year for Intel

Intel posted revenue of $79 billion through 2021, above its forecast ($77.7 billion). From October to December, the company earned $20.5 billion (+3% year-on-year), but its net profit plunged 21% to $4.6 billion. The global shortage of computer chips affects many sectors, as they are essential to the manufacture of many products, from smartphones and computers, to cars and vacuum cleaners.

Intel finds itself at the heart of this phenomenon, benefiting on the one hand from the increased demand for its technologies, but also suffering from supply difficulties. Its largest processor branch earned $10.1 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter, down 7% year on year. Its electronic equipment business for data centers rose 20% to $7.3 billion.

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This whole story of scarcity has prompted Intel to make heavy investments in the United States and Europe. We are talking about tens of billions of dollars each time. The last example is only a few days old. The group announced to invest at least 20 billion dollars in a mega-production factory in Ohio in the United States.

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