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Draghi president in great demand for public debt and markets


Luckily there is‘Ukraine. Fortunately there is Fed. Fortunately, there are other international emergencies to hold the bench and to cover the theater of Italian politics, unable to find an agreement that could lead to a way out of the stall linked to the name of the next President of the Republic.

Italian politics no longer wants Mario Draghi. This is now clear. Too uncomfortable the comparison with the man of “we will do everything in our ability”, the man who saved the Euro, to be able only to imagine leaving it in power.

There international finance instead he wants Mario Draghi. It would be enough to read Bloomberg and the Financial Times to understand when international finance wants Mario Draghi.

Who do you think will win?

But between Italian politics and international finance, who do you think will win?

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Mario Draghi President of the Republic determines a seven-year guarantee for international finance issues.

Mario Draghi Prime Minister can be downloaded at any time from politics.

But Italian politics seems to have a really short, very short memory.

Someone will remember how he was defenestrated Silvio Berlusconi? With a letter that had its absolute protagonist in the Spread.

Does anyone remember or not that the ECB systematically “hedges” the issues of new Italian treasury government bonds?

Does anyone remember that there is a Public debt in our country that puts it “under fire” with respect to the European Union?

Will any of the Italian politicians remember what happened only two years ago? Will anyone remember that when Lagarde said that every state would have to face the pandemic, we were at the beginning of the pandemic, no one wanted Italian government bonds anymore and nothing would have been enough to make the country fail?

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Will anyone remember that the ECB and the European Union had to intervene at a great pace to prevent everything from imploding?

In short, if the grind on the choice of the name of who will occupy the office of President of the Republic, i markets they could begin to make their Voice heard more and more authoritative.

So what do investors do when there is the next one auction of government bonds ten years? BTPs?

We’ll see.

But if for the markets Mario Draghi is still the favorite, something on Friday (date of the first BTP auction), something could happen and it will be something that will guide the choices of the Policy, in an authoritative way …

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