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Do survivors of weather-related disasters age faster than others?


Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, as many natural disasters falling without warning all over the world. If these events upset everything in their path, they would also leave indelible traces on the bodies of the victims. Indeed, according to a recent study, these disasters would have accelerated the aging process of the immune system of monkeys (source 1).

“While everyone ages, we do not all age at the same rate, and our lived experiences, both negative and positive, can alter this rate of aging. A negative life experience, surviving an extreme event, can cause chronic inflammation and early onset of certain diseases related to age, such as heart disease,” said corresponding author Noah Snyder-Mackler, assistant professor in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University. still unclear how these events embed themselves in our bodies, leading to negative health effects that may not show up until decades after the event itself.”

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Molecular changes

Through numerous studies, it is well established that people who have had extremely adverse experiences have a higher risk of developing heart disease and other more common diseases. “From this study, we measured molecular changes associated with aging, including disruptions in protein folding genes, greater expression of the inflammatory immune cell marker gene, and older biological aging,” summarizes the researcher. .

In this study, scientists found that the adversity resulting from the hurricane could have accelerated aging of the immune system monkeys. “On average, monkeys that experienced the hurricane had immune gene expression profiles that aged an additional 2 years, or about 7-8 years of human lifespan,” the study’s researcher found. As severe weather events become more frequent all over the world, these adverse biological consequences need to be explored through further studies.

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