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Djokovic case: sponsors risk, Lacoste asks for explanations


After being forced to give up the Australian Open, and therefore the Grand Slam, now Novak Djokovic risks losing a mountain of money due to the image damage caused by the expulsion from Australia. If in fact so far none of the sponsor of the number one in the world of tennis had taken a position on the story, the wind is now changing.

The image of a brand, associated with a character now branded as no vax on a global level, is certainly not strengthened. All the more so in light of the risk of exclusion also from Roland Garros. In fact, Paris could prohibit participation in the tournament a unvaccinated athletes. And if after the Australian Open, the Serbian tennis player were forced to a new stop, for the sponsors it would not be a big deal.

Sponsors wobble

Here, therefore, is that among the main sponsors who play a leading role, one of them has already moved. This is the French Lacoste, with Djokovic since 2017, who has made it clear that he wants to thoroughly analyze what happened to the number 1 in the world in recent weeks.

“As soon as possible, we will get in touch with Novak Djokovic to retrace the events that accompanied his presence in Australia “.

At this point it will be necessary to understand how the other brands will move. Other Djokovic sponsors include the car manufacturer Peugeot, the luxury watch brand Hublot and the Austrian lender Raiffeisen Bank International. From sponsorships, according to Forbes, the leader of the ATP rankings earns about 30 million euros per year.

The Djokovic case

For those who missed the previous episodes, Djokovic had entered Australia with a medical exemption from the requirement vaccine, but his initial visa had been canceled. Later he tried, through an appeal, to stay in the country. But without success. In the end he was expelled from Australia, coming out defeated from the point of view of the image, due to a series of vicissitudes linked to lack of quarantines.

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