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Death of the Bogdanoff brothers: why did the Covid-19 take them away?


Igor Bogdanoff died on Monday, January 3, 2022, just six days after his twin brother Grishka, announced their agent. The 72-year-old twins died one after the other in hospital carried away by the Covid-19. “In peace and love, surrounded by his children and his family, Igor Bogdanoff left for the light on Monday January 3, 2022”, wrote the relatives of the former host in a message sent by his agent to the France Media Agency. The family did not wish to communicate on the causes of his death but their lawyer as well as their agent confirmed that the two brothers died of the consequences of the Covid-19 when they weren’t vaccinated even though they weren’t antivaccine.

The Bogdanoff brothers “believed themselves immune” to Covid-19

The Bogdanoff twins, who died of Covid-19, thought they were “immune” to the virus, thanks to their “extraordinary lifestyle” and the fact that they were “very athletic”, declared on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”, Pierre-Jean Chalençon, a close friend of the former hosts of the show “Time X”.

According to their friend, the two brothers had been hospitalized since December 15 and were quickly admitted to intensive care. “A priori, they passed the baby on to each other. They saw each other every day, they are very close, Igor and Grichka. They caught it in late November-early December. They thought it was the flu. They remained caulked at home, but did not treat themselves. They took care of themselves a little late“, explained Pierre-Jean Chalençon on the set of BFMTV.They waited too long”, regrets their friend.

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