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Cyberattacks: the American water network is very vulnerable according to the White House


The White House is sounding the alarm about the US water network, saying it is very vulnerable to cyberattacks. Change must take place to prevent unpleasant surprises.

A water network vulnerable to cyberattacks

The distribution of drinking water, largely automated today, is as vulnerable to a criminal cyberattack, for example in the form of ransomware, as to an offensive by a state actor, according to the House’s side. White.

The strategy of the Biden administration, which will operate on a voluntary basis, will be to convince operators in the water sector, which wants to be very fragmented, to cooperate more with the authorities in terms of cybersecurity. This is both to encourage operators to equip themselves with better mechanisms for detecting cyberattacks, and to encourage them to better share their information with the authorities, when they detect a threat.

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The United States has experienced in recent months, like many other countries, numerous cyberattacks targeting both local communities and businesses, which have highlighted the vulnerability of certain strategic infrastructures. In May 2021, an attack on the Colonial Pipeline company, for example, disrupted fuel distribution in the United States.

However, the federal government’s desire to increase the level of protection comes up against reluctance on the part of companies, which are sometimes reluctant to invest in cybersecurity, or who are reluctant in some cases to report the attacks of which they are victims.

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