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Cured, journalist Guillaume Durand speaks without taboo about his jaw cancer


After having scoured numerous television and radio programs, the journalist Guillaume Durand had deserted the airwaves for a few months. In question, jaw cancer for which he was operated on on June 25.

With our colleagues from Parisian (Source 1), the journalist recounted the ups and downs of this eight-month fight. It all started with a toothache in the spring of 2021, which prompted him to consult a stomatologist. Which sends him to a mandible specialist, who discovers an infected wisdom tooth. A hemorrhage and a molar removal later, the verdict falls: a biopsy reveals a cancerous tumor.

Medicines, chemotherapy, radiotherapy… The following months are trying and provoking “an avalanche of phenomenal fatigue”, says the journalist. A treatment that also leads to significant weight loss (-12kg) and a deeper voice. The icing on the cake, the journalist contracted Covid-19 last October. Fortunately equipped with a complete vaccination schedule with two doses, the journalist did not contract a serious form. On BFMTV, Guillaume Durand estimated that he would probably not be there if his operation had to be deprogrammed, or if he had not been double vaccinated at the time of his infection.

The journalist will soon be back on the air as he will host a cultural program on Radio Classique on Sundays from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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