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Cosmetic surgery: a new technique to limit scars?


Some cosmetic surgery procedures are inevitably accompanied by post-operative scars. But a new American technique, based on heat and helium, promises to tighten the skin of the body or face without leaving any stigma.

Guest of the show Well done for you (Europe 1), Wednesday February 16, Doctor Éric Plot, plastic and aesthetic surgeon and member of the French Society of Plastic Aesthetic Surgeons, reveals the ins and outs.

An innovative technique

Developed three years ago in the United States, this technique makes it possible to tighten the skin without causing scars. As Dr. Plot explains, “it consists of carrying out mini incisions to introduce a probe under the skin which will release helium gas”.

When the area is limited, the operation can be done under local anesthesia, but the larger the area to be treated, the more general anesthesia is chosen.

Note: this combination of techniques is only indicated only if the skin is “a little relaxed”.

“You shouldn’t imagine that if you have completely loose stomach skin, it will work. There you have to perform a lift of the abdominal wall,” warns Dr. Plot.

As for the postoperative course? “Super simple”. If the operation does not cause no painaccording to the expert, patients may have a small crackling sensation for 24-48 hours. the wearing a sheath is also recommended, according to the same principle as for liposuction.

The results are not visible for several weeks: “I think we can say that after a month, we see a result, but you really have to wait six months so that the patient can tell himself that he has achieved the result he wanted”, concludes the surgeon.

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