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[#Concours] 10 cinema tickets + 2 bombers to be won for the release of the film #Moonfall


moonfall starts from an idea dear to Roland Emmerich: this time, we are in trouble. The Moon, this natural satellite of the Earth which up to now has been very quiet, is literally falling on us. The catastrophe seems as inevitable as it is incomprehensible. Humanity is about to take the plunge into nothingness when ex-astronaut Jo Fowler, his former teammate Brian Harper and conspiracy theorist KC Houseman think they have a solution, probably the only one still available. A last-ditch mission is launched, but something very unexpected happens; would the truth be elsewhere? In the finest tradition of blockbuster films, the film moonfall relies as much on its hyper-spectacular proposition as on its trio of stars, namely Halle Berry as Jo Fowler, Patrick Wilson in Brian Harper and John Bradley in KC Houseman.

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Moonfall: the Moon has a date with the Earth, but it’s not really the kind of “romantic dinner”

The special effects also seem impressive to say the least if we refer to the trailersbut to tell the truth it is almost a habit for a disaster film of Roland Emmerichultra-popular director since the immense successes ofIndependance Day (1996) or 2012 (2009). Moonfall hits theaters on February 9.

Competition :

On the occasion of the release of the film, 10 cinema tickets are up for grabs (5 x 2 tickets) as well as 2 official bombers.

To participate in this competition, all you have to do is:

-> Download our app KultureGeek (App Store link (iPhone/iPad) – Link Google Play Store (Android) – Free) and enter the contest by going to the contest comment page from the KultureGeek application, then press the “Enter” button.

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The contest will last until February 11 at 11 p.m.. As soon as the game is over, we will draw lots to designate the winners.

Good luck to everyone !

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